We invited New Yorkers to a panel discussion about a good society and belonging. We used the “Timeout Dialogue” as basis for the conversation and gathered the results to our on-going research on how to build better, more sustainable and inclusive societies.

Shared Value vs. Corporate Social Responsibility

May 7, 2023

CSR is often seen as a way for businesses to offset their negative impacts on society. It can involve activities such as philanthropy, employee volunteering, and environmental initiatives. While CSR can be beneficial to society, it is often seen as a separate and additional cost to businesses.

CSV, on the other hand, is a more strategic approach to creating social and environmental value. It involves embedding social and environmental considerations into the core business model. This can lead to new products and services, new markets, and improved profitability.



Spinnova mentioned in the New York Times rundown of eight important moments in fashion in 2022.


Climate change is the number-one concern among young people. Concurrently, youth is the ideal time to explore identity through clothing — a guilty pleasure for the environmentally conscious set. We wanted to give this generation a platform to discuss what keeps them up at night, what brings them hope and how they intend to make a difference.